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Honorary Consul Medan

Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic in Medan

Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic in Medan, © Honorary Consul Medan




Honorary Consul Medan

Leiterin / Leiter

Liliek Darmadi, Dipl.-Ing., MM, Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic of Gemany


+62 61 415 2323


+62 61 415 2424


Jl. Abdulah Lubis No. 47 A, Medan 20154


Monday to Friday  09.00 - 12.00 hrs

Amtsbezirk / Konsularbezirk

Aceh and North Sumatra, Mentawi Islands



Application for Schengen visa (stay up to 90 days) in Bali, Medan and Surabaya

You can apply for Schengen visa in the Embassy in Jakarta, but also at the offices of the Honorary Consuls in Sanur/Bali, Medan, North Sumatra and Surabaya/East Java. For this you need to make an appointment in advance directly with the Office of the Honorary Consul.

The use of the Service of the Honorary Consuls is not mandatory; the resulting additional handlig fee of 30,00 EUR per visa application is to be paid directly at the office of the Honorary Consul upon personal appointment.

Independently from These handling fees the fee of 60,00 EUR (reduced 35,00 EUR for minor applicants under 12 years) for a Schengen visa per EU Visa Codex also must be paid in Indonesia Rupiah upon application at the office of the Honorary Consul who will then Forward this visa fee to the Embassy.

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