Appointments for Visa Applications

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To better serve our applicants in the visa section, the appointment reservation system offers a new category named “Additional Appointments”. Appointments in this category are intended for urgent travels planned on short notice and can be made one week in advance. Visa applications submitted through additional appointments could entail longer waiting time as they will be processed after applications made through regular appointments.

Application for a Schengen visa can be submitted three months before your planned date of departure. We recommend that visa applications should be submitted as early as possible. When an application is submitted less than two weeks before the planned date of departure, there is the possibility that the visa will not be processed on time.

Please monitor the appointment reservation system from time to time – when an appointment has been cancelled, we will make the time slot available again. Perhaps there would be a slot available on the date of your choosing.

Please cancel your appointment through the cancellation link given on your appointment confirmation email. You can book another appointment right after.

If you do not show up for your appointment, you cannot make a new appointment without clearance from the visa section. Write us an email
contact form
Provide your appointment number (jaka_...) and briefly explain to us the reason for missing your appointment. Once you have received a reply from us, you can book a new appointment.

All data submitted while booking an appointment must be correct, otherwise you will not be allowed entry to Embassy premises. If you made a mistake while booking an appointment, please cancel it through the cancellation link given on your appointment confirmation email. You can book an appointment with the correct information right after.

It is unfortunately not possible to exchange appointments. You can at any rate cancel your appointment through the cancellation link on your appointment confirmation email. You can book a new appointment right after.

Please check your Spam/Junk folder in your mailbox – you may find the confirmation email there. If not, please write us an email
contact form
and provide your passport number, birthdate, and appointment date. We will gladly send you a new appointment confirmation email.

There are several possibilities as to why your name could not be found on the appointment list although you have received an appointment confirmation email:

  • Your appointment was cancelled by yourself or by another person who has access to the appointment confirmation email.
  • Your appointment was cancelled by the Embassy because you entered incorrect or implausible information or made several appointments using the same personal data.

Yes, all visa applicants, including children, have to make an appointment. Children also have to appear in person for their visa application.

No, if you have submitted your visa application and paid for the application fees, you do not need another appointment to hand in additional documents. Please bring your original receipt with you.

If your fingerprints have been recorded for a Schengen visa application within the last five years, you may submit your application through a representative – regardless of whether they were recorded at the German Embassy in Jakarta, another German foreign mission, or the foreign mission of another Schengen member state. Please note that an appointment under your name is still needed.

We do our best to process all visa applications as quickly as possible.

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