German traces in Indonesia


Die deutsch-indonesischen Kulturbeziehungen sind traditionell sehr eng und vielseitig. Die große Zahl von kulturell interessierten Indonesiern in Deutschland und Deutschen in Indonesien ermöglichen einen intensiven kulturellen Austausch zwischen beiden Ländern.

German and Indonesians have a long shared history, beginning in the 16th Century German merchants who traveled on Portuguese and Dutch ships to the former East Indies. During the Dutch colonial period, thousands of Germans came to Indonesia, as employees of the Dutch colonial administration or as engineers, technicians, and last but not least researchers and scientists.

The German industry was involved in the mid 19th Century in Indonesia. After 1945 the fruitful relations between Germany and Indonesia continued by German business men, exchange of experts in the fields of development cooperation, education and research as well as an intensive academic exchange.

Germans have left many traces during this long period in Indonesia of which the Embassy would like to present a small selection here. This collection is still under construction. Suggestions and tips, possibly even text and images from you are very welcome.

Akkordeon Deutsche Spuren-en

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