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From 23 December, 0.00h CET (12 a.m.), individuals aged six years or older are under a general obligation to provide COVID proof when entering Germany. Upon entry into the Federal Republic of Germany, individuals aged six years or older need to be in possession of proof of testing, proof of recovery or proof of vaccination. As a general rule, COVID tests (antigen tests or PCR tests) must not be older than 48hrs at the time of (planned) entry into Germany. When using a carrier (e.g. an airline) PCR tests must not be older than 48hrs at the time of (planned) departure; antigen tests must not be older than 48hrs at the time of (planned) entry into Germany even when using a carrier.

The obligation to provide COVID proof also applies to airline passengers only transiting at an airport in Germany. This applies to both the non-Schengen transit from and to third countries outside the Schengen area and to the transit from and to Schengen countries.

Proof of testing, proof of recovery or proof of vaccination must be presented to carriers for review prior to the journey. Only in the event of cross-border rail transportation or cross-border short sea shipping proof may also be presented in the course of the journey. Furthermore, upon entry into Germany, proof has to be presented to German border control authorities upon their request.

When entering from an area of virus variants of concern, a PCR test needs to be presented in any event; antigen rapid tests or proof of recovery or of vaccination are not sufficient in this case. When using a carrier (e.g. an airline) PCR tests must not be older than 48hrs at the time of (planned) departure. Furthermore, German authorities may command additional PCR tests following entry into the Federal Republic of Germany, in particular at the place of arrival (e.g. at the airport).

In many places in Germany, restrictions on public life are currently in force, partially depending on the local epidemiological situation. These restrictions are subject to change anytime. German Federal Government and German Federal States (Bundesländer) have restricted, and may further restrict, access to accomodation (in particular hotels), hospitality businesses (restaurants, bars, clubs etc.) as well as leisure, culture and sports events to individuals in possession of a valid certificate of vaccination or recovery from COVID-19 (“2G rule”) or an additional test certificate (“2G plus”), as the case may be. As a general rule, Germany only recognizes vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) or licence products thereof. Furthermore, in some cases, only EU Digital COVID Certificates or equivalent certificates are accepted. As a consequence, holders of foreign certificates (physical or digital) are in many cases not granted access to certain venues and events. Therefore, prior to your intended travel to Germany, please inform yourself about whether your trip, and activities planned in its course, can actually be conducted. Respective information is available at the websites of the German Federal State (Bundesland) you are travelling to. The German diplomatic and consular missions abroad cannot take any responsibility or provide any guidance in this regard.

Detailed information on applicable COVID-19 entry regulations is available, in multiple languages, at the website of the German Federal Ministry of Health. We urgently recommend visiting the website prior to any intended travel to obtain up-to-date information on COVID-19 entry regulations.

Information on the availability of services in the Legal and Consular Section, including visa procedures:

The visa application process at the German Embassy Jakarta is available to a limited extent, with measures in place for Covid-19 prevention. The Embassy in Jakarta asks for your understanding that high demand for visa application appointments can currently lead to longer waiting times.

External service provider VFS Global and the Honorary Consuls of the Federal Republic of Germany in Indonesia are currently accepting applications for Schengen visas. However, services by VFS Global and the Honorary Consulates are only available to a limited extent. For appointment requests, please contact the offices of VFS Global and the Honorary Consuls directly.

In view of the current situation, the Legal and Consular Section of the Embassy is only open to a limited extent. We are striving to offer visa and consular services as the current infection situation permits.

Please make an appointment through our appointment system here.

At the same time, we kindly ask for your understanding that the Embassy might have to cancel appointments at short notice due to the current situation.

Thank you for your understanding!

Ambassador Ina Lepel

Ambassador Designate Ina Lepel

As the third largest democracy in the world, Indonesia is an important partner in the region and in the world. Together we work for a just and sustainable order.

Ambassador Ina Lepel


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